• Access to conference information and events
  • Play "Relic Run," our featured demo game, early!
  • Read the interview with our founder Jack Barmingham

Day 1

  • Read even more interviews from several indie game and media creators.
  • Explore behind the scenes of the creation of a video game.
  • View the shop early so that you can begin planning your purchases for this year!

Day 2 (Locked)

  • Two more game demos will be unlocked:
  • Game 1: E1N1: Search for the Cure by Shelby Ayers
  • Game 2: Terror in Benton by Chuck Grey
  • Sales for the shop will open on Day 2!

Day 3 (Locked)

  • Developer live stream with sneak peeks of unreleased projects.
  • Community Game Day through our virtual game platform "Guardianship".

Day 4 (Locked)

  • Two new secret projects will be unveiled from partner indie studios
  • Those two games will be live on the demos page right after their announcement
  • Details for next year's event will be announced!
  • One more secret announcement...