Logo of The Void


In early 2005, a group of indie developers decided to form a group to promote each other's games. This organization became known as "The Void" as more and more developers were joining by the day. "The Void" operated an online message board in which any developer could share details on their latest projects or digital art.

Image of CEO Jack Barmingham


Starting in 2011, users on "The Void" began to crowd fund the start of a publishing company for people's games. After 7 months, Void Entertainment began operations as an independent publisher, helping independent game developers get their games out to more people. Jack Barmingham was elected as Void Entertainment's first CEO and remains in that position to this day.

Modern Void Entertainment Logo


In 2013, the Void Developers Conference was founded as a way to inspire developers and digital artists in the community and to promote Void Entertainment's partner projects. The conference has been held at different venues across the United States over the years.

Void Entertainment Website Frontpage


The Covid-19 pandemic forced the Void Developers Conference to an online/remote state, with game demos and online instruction being offered over a website instead of in-person. This has continued into 2022, where the conference plans to make a return to in-person events in 2023.