Day 1 of the Virtual Conference has officially started!

Welcome to the (Virtual) Void Developers Conference.

The Void Developers Conference, brought to you by Void Entertainment, is a 4-day event designed to promote independent developers and their games. You will also learn more about the video game making process and get to hear from other indie developers. This year, we have decided to make this event FREE to the public, so feel free to explore, just remember to register!

What is this conference?

Void Entertainment

Void Entertainment was established in 2011 as a modern publisher for breakthrough independent experiences. You can learn more about our history here. We wanted to give small voices the opportunity to get their message and concepts on the main stage. We've offered:

  • Countless classes to help artists in all aspects of creating a video game
  • A marketplace for developers to release their projects where we take a 0% cut of profits
  • Free-to-use online message boards to allow developers to share projects and ideas

Void Developers Conference

In 2013, we were given the opportunity to sponsor a conference for indie developers and with that, the Void Developers Conference was created. Over the past 10 years, we've been able to share our passion for all facets of game making to the world. Our conference has provided countless educational opportunities including:

  • Coding and game engine bootcamps
  • Art and design courses
  • Creating a celebration of independent developers and their games

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